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Privacy Policy

Camp Eden Woods is committed to keeping the personal information of our campers, families, and clients accurate, confidential, secure, and private. Our Privacy Policy has been designed to inform families, clients, staff, and third parties of Camp Eden Woods of our commitment and recognition to meet the terms and spirit of the federal Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA, January 1, 2004).


About Your Privacy

At Camp Eden Woods, your privacy is, and always has been, very important to us. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent experience at Camp while protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information.


Camp Eden Woods controls and centralizes the collection and distribution of information. When we transfer personal information to a third party for processing, we protect that information by way of a contract or by other means.

Why Do We Collect Personal Information?

We collect information about your camper and family so that we can provide the best and safest experience for your child at Camp. Personal information allows us to ensure the safety and welfare of the children in our care.

We use personal information to share updates with our families and clients about news and other events at Camp. We also use personal information for business analysis, and to provide statements of account to families when requested to do so.

What Information Do We Collect?

The personal information we collect shall be limited to that which allows us to run a safe Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Centre, and which helps us provide our campers and other clients with a safe experience.

The information that we collect includes:

  • The Camper Application requests names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses for regular contact thorough the year and in cases of emergency.

  • Custody information is important for camper safety and welfare.

  • Health Information Form requests personal health information about the camper as required by the local Health Department.

  • Other health and behavioral information (i.e. special needs, mental health information, allergies, medical history etc.) is necessary for the counsellor, nurses, and program instructors to provide the best care for your child.

  • Names, dietary information, and some medical information is collected from participants to ensure the meals are prepared in consideration of allergies, and programs can be adapted to allow full participation in a safe way.

  • We may also collect other personal information orally or electronically throughout the year to support these purposes.

Consent to Use Personal Information

We may obtain your express consent to use personal information, or we may determine that consent has been implied by the circumstances. Consent could be in writing such as: signed application form, signed health form, submitted e-forms online, or verbally in person or over the telephone.

Providing us with your personal information is always your choice. As part of the application process, and subsequently through our “Final Instructions” forms we ask that you provide information that allows us to provide the best care for your child. In doing so, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure to appropriate third parties of such personal information for these purposes.

Use, Disclosure, and Retention of Information

Camp Eden Woods only uses and discloses the personal information in order to fulfill the identified purposes except when required by law. Only those staff members whose job functions or responsibilities require personal information have access to that information.

  • Camp Eden Woods does not sell, lease, or barter personal information.

  • Camp Eden Woods retains personal information as long as needed to fulfill the identified purposes or as required by law, whichever is longer.

  • When the information is no longer required, Camp Eden Woods uses proper and reasonable methods of destroying information.

Keeping Your Information Accurate

It is important that your personal information is accurate and complete. Having accurate information about your family and child allows us to provide the very best Camp experience. You have the right to access, verify and amend the information we have about your family. We rely on you to keep us informed of any changes, such as a changes of address, phone number, email address, the health of your child or anything else – simply contact us at (905)882 1679 to let us know about any changes.


Keeping Your Information Safe

We use physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect our systems and all personal information under our control against unauthorized access and use. All safety and security measures are appropriate to the sensitivity level of the information collected.

All staff members receive training that reviews our protocols and expectations around the use and protection of personal information.

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

If we decide to change any part of our Privacy Policy we will post those changes to our website and in any other place we deemed appropriate, so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. You will always have a choice as to whether or not we can use your information.

Your Right to Access Your Personal Information

You have a right to access your personal information that we have in our possession. On written request to the Senior Camp Director, a client is informed of the existence, use and disclosure of their personal information that is under our control, and may be given access to that personal information as required and permitted by law.

You may challenge the accuracy and completeness of that personal information and request that it be amended, if appropriate.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, please contact the Executive Director at (905) 882 1679 or by email (

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